Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NYC Bound: Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping

I am headed to New York on Thursday, it will go something like this:  shopping, eating, more shopping, more eating.  Such a rough life. 

Reservations for dinners at Bar Bouludetcetera, etcetera and Cookshop are all made, but I am still compiling my shops of high priority.  I will not bore you with all of them; these are a few of my top picks of must go shops for day one in NYC.  Obviously, very SoHo laden.  

Like many of you, I suspect, I have been wanting to check out C Wonder for quite some time.  I have my eye on a few things like...

 A new jeweled bone dog collar for Harlow

These cute thong sandals.

Loving this resin tile box

Apt. 48 seems to be a fun shop

How darling are these cocktail glasses?

Dying over the horn candlesticks

Really looking forward to visiting Georgia Tapert Living

Can't wait for Ted

I love this looped bow belt to go with...

this iPad case.  Have you ever heard someone say they want to match their belt to an iPad case? 

Just a few of shops in SoHo I have not visited.  So many to choose from.  Also thinking of lunching at Bistro Les Amis; I am craaaaaaving a croque monsieur so badly!!!
Has anyone been there?  Good?  Not so good?  

What are your favorite shops in NYC?  
Tell me do! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ahhhhh...The Weekend

Finally, it's here.  3 days off, no plans but to lay in the sun. 

Sunset view off the deck last night. 
It's going to be a hot one all weekend--upwards of 90 degrees!

More significantly:
To all of the men and women who died while protecting and serving our Country, God Bless You.  

 Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Kings Lane and Pinterest: Show Them Your Ultimate Summer Day

Yesterday I noticed the OKL is having a 'Show Us Your Ultimate Summer Day' challenge using Pinterest.  You just have to follow OKL on Pinterest (ok, easy enough) and then create a board inspired by your most glorious summer day.  Title your board: One Kings Lane Challenge: The Ultimate Summer Day. Pin at least 10 items, one item must come from OKL.  Tag each item #OKLsummer in the comments section.  Deadline submission is tomorrow, but if you have free time today, go for it!  I would love too see what people come up with!  
Here is where I am so far, but I'm not totally finished: 

What do you think?
Go HERE for challenge details (keep in mind you must be a member of OKL).  Go HERE to follow or view House 58 boards, and to get sourcing for all items above.
Happy Thursday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kips Bay v. Elle Decor

First off, to all you ladies and gents attending Blogfest this week:  have fun, take pics and share!!
I am sure I have already mentioned I will be heading to NYC in a little over a week; no work, all pleasure!  I have been thinking about all of the shopping and eating I will be doing, but I am undecided on one thing:  Kips Bay Decorator Show House or Elle Decor's Modern Life Concept House?  I do not have time to do both, unfortunately.  Here is a little sneak preview of both (I selected my favorites from both).


My designer heart of hearts is leaning towards the Modern Life Concept House.  I am always blown away with what they come up with, and it is more in line with my design style as well.  Plus, I totally dig that all rooms are designed by up-and-coming talent.  So choice. 
Which would you choose? 
Go to Houzz and Curbed to see more!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunny and 85 Degrees

Boating season is finally here!  It will be sunny and 85 tomorrow, my first day out on the lake since September. I don't think I have been out on the boat before Memorial Day weekend, ever!  I may actually sneak in a tan line before I head to New York in a couple of weeks.  Yippee!   It has started me thinking about all of my favorite summer essentials.   

First up: Get your bod ready to soak up all that sun! 
This leaves you with none of the dry flakies. 

Next:  That's is a lot of wishes, and they all come true.  Skin so soft your baby's booty will be jealous.

I am a Coppertone girl.  The higher the SPF the better the tan!  Love the spray; you can reach your own back!

I am loving this little number.  Now if I could just cut back on my wine so I could fit into it!
These are a must have.  Light, refreshing and not bad on the calories.

Must have pretty nails.  Loving the corals for this summer.

I am not a huge fan of wearing make-up in the hot summer months, so just a touch a shimmer and some lipstick are great with me!

Me likey

So cute!  I love it!  Will go with anything!

My favorite, comfy standby.  I love these in every color.

I know, missing sunglasses, beach cover-up, hair products, etc.  Perhaps I will do a part II!  It is sunny and beautiful out right now.  I am off to our neighborhood park for our annual clean up.  I am in charge of weed whacking!  Watch out! 
Have a spectacular weekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Version of a Quickie

I am crazy busy at my "real" job today, so here is a little quickie for you...

Liz Lange's sunroom designed by Jonathan Adler.  Yum!!!
See more of her home here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Muddling Through...

Yesterday was a highly reflective day for me.  It was my first Mother's Day without my mom.  All the years past filled with brunches, cocktailing and grilling out are now being replaced with trips to the cemetery and countless hours void of emotional gratification.  For anyone out there who has lost their mother, here is a wonderful article written by Frank Bruni in the NY Times yesterday.  My older brother told me about it yesterday and I just read it this morning; I completely identify with every word he wrote.  And, I even did on thing yesterday that he writes about doing himself.  Even if you haven't lost a parent, this is a wonderful article to pass on to those you know that have.

Muddling Through Mother’s Day

I’M pretty certain it was six years ago. I know I was in a restaurant. I know, too, that I was a little tipsy — that’s the only way the impulse could have come to me, the only way I would have acted on it.     

 I went through the names programmed into my cellphone, looking for moms. Tina. She was one, so she got a text message: Happy Mother’s Day. Barbara. She was one, so she got a message as well. 

 So did Adelle, Lisa, Sylvia. Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day. Saying it to all those other mothers, as if that would make up for not being able to say it to my own.
For anyone who has lost a parent long before he or she expected to, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are unsettling occasions, prompts to show appreciation that become prods to revisit grief.

They’re also proof that the world is full of accidental actuaries. I don’t know how else to explain it: the number of people who look at you and seem to calculate, correctly, that when you’re 33 years old, your mother should not yet be gone, and that there’s a good chance, according to median life expectancies, that she’s still around when you’re 37 and even when you’re 40, unless she had you late.
“Did you send flowers to Mom?” some acquaintance or stranger will ask — a meaningless conversation filler, a verbal tic — and you won’t give the right or full answer, because no offense was intended, and none was taken. You’ll smile, vaguely. Or nod, misleadingly. Or lie, politely, saying “yes,” then changing the topic.

Someone else will tell you to be sure you “don’t forget Mom today.”

To that, at least, your response will be honest:

“I never do.”

My mother did not have me late, not by today’s yardsticks. She was 29. And she did not leave me all that early, not by the standards of tragedy or even the bathetic TV melodramas that she’d half-watch on nights when the cancer or the chemo left her feeling weak, her eyelids fluttering closed as some comforting indignity was visited upon Meredith Baxter or Veronica Hamel or Jaclyn Smith.

She was 61. That’s a lot of good years. But a lot fewer than some people get.

She died on Dec. 2, 1996, having held on just long enough for one last boisterous family Thanksgiving and, two days before, her second grandchild’s birth. She missed out on the births of seven more, who know her only from the stories my two brothers and my sister and I tell them and only because we make sure of it.       

Soon after she was gone, I became acquainted with one of the oddities of not having two living parents at an age when you’re statistically likely to. People assume.

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” snapped a bouncer with whom I had an ineloquent dispute.

I did, back when I could, just often enough that it wasn’t among my many regrets.

“Your mother must be proud of you,” said a letter from a reader who liked something I’d written.

If I permitted myself a certain religious faith or degree of mysticism, I could persuade myself that she indeed was.

Mother’s Day, I quickly learned, was the feast of the assumptions. I say that without any rancor, but with some bafflement: in a world of so many broken and untraditional families and of so much heartache, why should there be a bouquet-primed mother in the picture? There’s no point to guessing as much.

IF I never knew exactly what to say to the people who guessed, I was even less sure how to mark the day, when I’d always had a meal with Mom if logistically possible, talked with her if not. Usually I just moped. And it’s wrong, the notion that feeling sorry for yourself is counterproductive. Sometimes it’s just the ticket.

But on this Mother’s Day, I’ll trade moping for a testimonial: I was — I am — one of the four luckiest children I know, my siblings being the other three. We had a mother who held us in esteem and held us to account; told us we were magnificent and told us we were miserable; exhorted us to please her but found ways to forgive us when, all too frequently, we didn’t; and made certain that we knew she was there for us until, unimaginably, she wasn’t.

I’m 47 now, and I’ve noticed that in the last few years, the actuaries out there are less prone to reminding me of her absence by wondering idly and aloud about the gift that I did or didn’t remember to purchase, the call that I will or won’t remember to make. At this age and this point, there’s a much diminished probability that I’d have both parents. (I’m grateful for one.) That certainly makes Mother’s Day easier to navigate. 
My own mother always appreciated a glass or two.
Frank Bruni, A.P. 2012, May 12.  Muddling Through Mother's Day. New York Times.

So if you haven't already guessed, I did send texts to all of the wonderful moms (friends and family) wishing them a perfect day. And yes, it does make up for not being able to say it to my own momma. And yes (again), I had opened a bottle a wine because my momma loved her wine, too.  ;)
I love you, mom.
So, this had been cathartic, but I shall refrain from anymore dead mother talk for a while.  Stay tuned for regular programming to return tomorrow.
Thanks for all of your support and understanding.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Wishes

To all of you precious ladies out there who give selflessly, love unconditionally, kiss the boo-boos, ease the fears of the monster under the bed, listen to worries, douse uncertainty, read bedtime stories (over and over), cut the crusts off the sandwich, instill confidence and the list goes on.  To all of you, I stand in amazement of your accomplishments.  I hold you in the highest esteem.
Have a well deserved day of pampering!
Happy Mother's Day!!!

image via

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Knackered as a Salmon

I think I have hit a wall.  Emotional exhaustion, perhaps?  Hell, I don't know.  My creativity and motivation are at an all time low.  So, if you can hang in there with me, take a gander at these lovely pics.

Images via Elle Decor and Nueveo Estilo
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