Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Saturday Shopping Finds and a Dining Room Mini Facelift

Happy Monday!  Did I just say that?  So, after drinking copious amounts of alcohol on Friday (hello Betty Ford) with my bestie (Mary) and a few other friends, I have no idea how I felt well enough to go shopping on Saturday with Mary and her husband.  She and her husband have been on a quest for several things for their dining room.  Their goal was just to find a new rug, but, basically, us two bossy bitches told her husband how it was gonna be:  go look for a dining room table, then a rug.  Poor Randy (the hubs).  NOT!! 
Here is the dining room table and chairs we talked him into (at a steal of a price, I might add):

The Chairs
Loving the earthy, French look--distressed veneer, linen fabric with large nailhead detail. Loving it! 

Here are a few other gorgeous finds (for me):
How about these beautiful monochromatic matte gray large-scale table lamps?  I about died when I saw them.  Yes please!

And this adorable chandelier!

And last but not least, I received a new arrivals e-mail this morning from Design Darling {the boutique} and found this little gem:

It is a total must have.  What do you think, Mary, can I talk you into this as an accessory for the dining room? 
If not, it will be mine!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fantasy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Can you feel me?
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Heart Skips a Beat...

While I am finding zero clarity in the midst of my haze, the one thing I have been doing is mindlessly searching the web for ways to frivolously spend money on anything I can to make me feel better.  Like it will, right?  Not.  Could I sound like more of a baby?  Anyway, I think I found a few real gems, some John Robshaw pillows for my bedroom.  They seriously make my heart flutter. 


Seriously, his work is ridiculous.  I need to narrow it down, but I must have one or two of these beauties. 
See more lovelies here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I Am Back

I will make this short and sweet, my last post was on April 4th because my momma had fallen so ill due to complications from cancer.  My main focus was my mom and my family, making sure I was there for whatever she needed. 
My sweet and loving mom passed away last week. 
The grief overwhelming at times.  I am trying to get back to life as I know it, but it is presenting its challenges.  Thank you to all of my friends and family who have shown such incredible love and support. 
A special thank you to my life-long BFF, Mary, I love you, Mary Ann loved you, I couldn't ask for a better friend.
Please excuse the lack of creativity at this point, I am just kind of liking looking at pretty pictures right now. I may be broken for awhile.

All images via House & Home

Also, what do you think about this mix-and-match lamp and shade?  It is more of a peacock blue in person.  
I just liked it, thinking of buying it for no good reason.

Glad to be back

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty Spring Flowers and...

First off, after cleaning up my very winter littered yard I have started to sniff out flowers for the yard.  I need something new, something different.  I think I have found a couple for one of my beds in the front yard.

  'Royal Wedding' Poppy.  I love the pristine white petals with the black center.   Can you see it sharing space with these...

Lilac Pom Pom Poppy.  The delicate hue and giant feathery blooms are so much fun!  And, so pretty. 
What do you all think?  A marriage made in Heaven?

The "and" is, my momma is very sick, hence no posts.  Posts will be very sporadic, if at all, until she has stabilized.  
P.S. - Cancer can go fuck itself.  Anyone else agree?

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