Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Saturday Shopping Finds and a Dining Room Mini Facelift

Happy Monday!  Did I just say that?  So, after drinking copious amounts of alcohol on Friday (hello Betty Ford) with my bestie (Mary) and a few other friends, I have no idea how I felt well enough to go shopping on Saturday with Mary and her husband.  She and her husband have been on a quest for several things for their dining room.  Their goal was just to find a new rug, but, basically, us two bossy bitches told her husband how it was gonna be:  go look for a dining room table, then a rug.  Poor Randy (the hubs).  NOT!! 
Here is the dining room table and chairs we talked him into (at a steal of a price, I might add):

The Chairs
Loving the earthy, French look--distressed veneer, linen fabric with large nailhead detail. Loving it! 

Here are a few other gorgeous finds (for me):
How about these beautiful monochromatic matte gray large-scale table lamps?  I about died when I saw them.  Yes please!

And this adorable chandelier!

And last but not least, I received a new arrivals e-mail this morning from Design Darling {the boutique} and found this little gem:

It is a total must have.  What do you think, Mary, can I talk you into this as an accessory for the dining room? 
If not, it will be mine!


  1. Are we placing any bets that the table and chairs go back? :-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE sitting at my new table.

  2. I am a chandelier fan. So if I was in your place I would have definitely bought the chandelier. I think it would look pretty nice in my dining room.


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