Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty Spring Flowers and...

First off, after cleaning up my very winter littered yard I have started to sniff out flowers for the yard.  I need something new, something different.  I think I have found a couple for one of my beds in the front yard.

  'Royal Wedding' Poppy.  I love the pristine white petals with the black center.   Can you see it sharing space with these...

Lilac Pom Pom Poppy.  The delicate hue and giant feathery blooms are so much fun!  And, so pretty. 
What do you all think?  A marriage made in Heaven?

The "and" is, my momma is very sick, hence no posts.  Posts will be very sporadic, if at all, until she has stabilized.  
P.S. - Cancer can go fuck itself.  Anyone else agree?


  1. Agreed 100%. So sorry to hear she's not doing well. Sending prayers your way. Don't worry about your blog, take care of your Momma! And those Poppy's are lovely, I need to get some...might should actually plant the flowers I bought first...
    Sending big hugs!

  2. Exactly as Sarah said. Don't worry about this place. There have been so many advances in cancer treatment with many success stories. I will pray that her's is one of them. Sending love, Sharon.

  3. Oh Sharon, I am so sorry. It's so unfair. I do love your flower choices and you've introduced me to a new type in #2. Thinking of you and your momma.


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