Friday, March 23, 2012

Musings from 1960s Madison Avenue: Cocktails

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a time/culture where cocktail hour commenced at noon?
Drinking lunches were widespread and very acceptable in the 60s, and these studs are there to shake it up with "three-martini lunches" often.  Teetotalers need not apply!  Will there ever be a return of such a thing?  There were many other offerings on the cocktail menu that were in vogue.   

To start off, we have the classic Martini.  Yums. 
Recipe Here

Next, the Manhattan.  I have never had the stomach for these, although I drink scotch so go figure. 
Recipe Here

Gibson Martini
Recipe Here

The Negroni seems to be making a stellar comeback. 
Recipe Here

The Pink Squirrel, more like the pink hurl. 
Recipe Here, if you dare

The Blue Hawaiian--the ingredients are so delicious, but I am guessing you aren't going to want to live through the next day.  I don't know of anyone who can metabolize that much sugar!

Recipe Here

Last but not least, the Dirty Martini--my personal favorite.  Below is the classic mix, but I say screw vermouth (gross), add vodka and triple the dirty!

Recipe Here

Will you be watching the premiere of Mad Men?  If so, what is your cocktail of choice?

Have some fun with Cocktail Culture here.


  1. Dirty martinis are my favorite too! Extra dirty.
    Can't wait for Sunday!

  2. Way extra dirty. What did you think of the premier?


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