Monday, March 5, 2012

Lions, Tigers and Zebras, Oh My! And, a Tagging Update...

Happy Monday!  Is there such a thing?  Hmmm...
I spent Saturday doing a little demo (removing paneling and flimsy crown molding) on the bonus room, here it is pre-demo:

Check out what I found underneath....

A little closer...
I'm sorry, but did someone "steal this idea" from Elvis?
It is like I have my own personal Jungle Room.  Watch out Graceland!
Are you jealous?

On to other, more interesting news...
I will be tagging some fellow blogger gals today so I don't break the chain.
Tune in tomorrow!

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  1. Oh my GOSH, it's kinda Fabulous! Too bad you can't save it, right?!

    1. Crazy, right? It ain't no Schumacher zebra wallpaper, but it is kind of fun!

  2. That is actually very cool in a crazy sort of way.
    Damn folks were bold in the day! Love that!

    1. Oddly enough, I am drawn to it; I keep walking back into the room to look at it!


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