Friday, March 2, 2012

Designwali's Eleven: I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by the stylish and talented Sundeep from Designwali who asked me to dish.  I just can't turn her down.  She is such an incredible inspiration and sweet as the all get-out!  If you haven't already, visit her here
She never disappoints!

Here are Sundeep's fabulous questions:

1. Currently on your ipod playlist?
We all have an inner rock star, don’t we? Currently singing along, totally off key, in the shower, car, etc. to Florence + The Machine, Fitz and the Tantrums, Adele—isn’t everyone, Please Please Please: a tribute to The Smiths and always to The Rolling Stones. Recently, while cooking in the kitchen sipping a glass or two of vino: French Kiss: Original Soundtrack. My doggies love it too (the music, not mama’s singing)!
2. Last concert you went too?
Last 2 concerts--Fitz and the Tantrums! Fitz, Noelle and the band killed it! It is a totally romper room atmosphere. If you don’t dance to them, you just don’t get it! I highly recommend the Fitzy experience!
3. Favourite room in your house?
Right now it would probably be my screened in porch, can that be a room? I sit out there with my wine, food and design magazines and watch the dogs run and play. As you can see, wine is a key player in my life.
4. Favourite school subject ever (any education level)?
This is an interesting question for me. Embarrassingly enough, I did NOT like school as a child/young adult, and now I just can’t learn/read enough! If I could do it all over again I would have totally focused on foreign languages and would have paid more attention to geography and world history. I have to say my favorite throughout any education was probably the study of the history of furniture while taking my interior design certification courses. It is soooo dang interesting!
5. What is your bedroom colour scheme (i.e. walls & bedding?)
My bedroom is derived from romantic nostalgia. Gag! Years ago my boyfriend and I went on our first trip together and stayed at the Eliot Hotel. I loved the rooms there because they were quaint and cozy, but mostly loved it for the design. It is tasteful (not frilly) French romantic—lots of creams, cocoas and toile! Hence my bedroom colour scheme:creamy walls, cocoa and cream toile bedding from Pottery Barn—shams and bed skirt, cream coverlet and some pretty soft blue paisley accent pillows. Very traditional, kind of boring, very nostalgic. What can I say.
6. Favourite home shopping store/website?
Oh, tough one! I love so many! I think my go to is West Elm, but my fav right now is Jayson Home.
7. Last purchase for your home?
A metallic gold lacquer tray from Design Darling. It shipped yesterday! I can’t wait to get it!
8. Where is your laundry hamper located?
This is a funny question, I drag it from room to room. Eventually it makes it to the washer and dryer, sometimes it takes a week. I loath doing the laundry!
9. Fess up, where is your junk drawer?
I have several. Nuff said.
10. What is currently sitting on your bedroom nightstand?
Other than an alarm clock and lamp, tv remote, glasses, "The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides and always a glass of water!
11. Which one do you prefer more, abstract or realist art?
Abstract, hands down. I don’t have to think as much, and I just know what I like. Not rocket science for me. I’m pretty cut-and-dried that way!

I plan on tagging 11 other talented gals with my own questions for them on Monday. 
Have a fantastic Friday!
Thanks, Sundeep!!!

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  1. Thanks for participating! I totally hate laundry too!


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