Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fabulous Kitchens

I have been scouring sources for original and eclectic kitchen inspiration.  More specifically, I am searching for little details that can take a kitchen from great to fabulous. 

The danish lamps flanking the ends of the counter/bar play nicely off the base of the metal stools.  The painting was actually done by the designer--so original.   With such high ceilings, it is interesting that all of the design elements are at eye level.  But it plays well without making you feel like there is a great deal of empty space. 

I am not a huge fan of traditional kitchens for myself, but that 19th century English display cabinet makes such incredible visual impact.  Gorgeous.

It was love at first sight for me when I saw Meg Ryan's kitchen in her Martha's Vineyard beach home.  This kitchen has the rustic feel, with all of the modern conveniences, you would expect in an East Coast beach home.  The panels of windows and the glass door lend copious amounts of light to some of the dark elements. 

Ok, so the benches don't look all too cozy to me, but toss in a few throw pillows for my tush and back and I'm sold on this kitchen!  Again, another 19th century piece (table), French floor tiles, John Derian pendants and those iron French doors are enough to push me over the edge.  Fabulous!

Seriously, are there any words?  The stainless-steel, mix of white and grey contemporary cabinets and the seating area between the patio and kitchen make for the perfect entertaining set up. 

How fun is this?  Love the tall tulip-style tables with the leather and steel stools.
All-in-all, pretty sweet...all of them.
 images via elle decor
Happy Wednesday! 
Counting down to the weekend, Super Bowl is in our City this weekend. 
Hoping to have lots of fun--maybe starting today;)!


  1. We love the bench and the English cabinet. The beautiful traditional elements speak volumes to the interiors and give so much character.

    1. I was dying over the cabinet. Such a standout element.

  2. I love all of these! I really like adding lamps to the kitchen, they always add warmth to a space. Meg Ryan' s kitchen is right up there on my dream kitchen list.

  3. What fun to see Meg Ryan's kitchen! I have a crush on those tulip tables too!

    1. Meg's entire beach house is gorgeous. Tulip tables...sigh. Thanks for stopping by, Shannon. Been reading your blog daily!

  4. Oh wow, this first kitchen is to die for! I have a similar lamp to the ones in the pic and I love it - one of my favorite items in the house!

    1. The lamps inspired this post. I fell in love with that kitchen immediately.


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