Monday, February 20, 2012

90077; Darren Star's "Other" Zip Code

Watch out 90210, Darren has hitched his star to a new zip code, but he didn't stray too far.  He has renovated a 1930s "Spanish Regency" home in neighboring Bel Air. 

Star's home was featured in Architectural Digest this month, and it caught my attention over all of the other celebrity homes featured.  Star's draw to the home, “I loved the Old Hollywood feel, especially in the spectacular rounded bar. The site is amazing. You get a panorama of L.A. that sweeps from the mountains, across the city, and out to the ocean.” 
The dining room standouts: a vintage light fixture and four beautifully sculpted-metal side chairs are shrouded in mohair--who can resist a dose of mohair? 

Perfect symmetry is provided by the pair of vintage Italian floor lamps, sofas and 1950s trapezoidal cocktail tables.

The clean, modern kitchen is drenched in natural light.  While very minimalist, the cool materials are warmed up with a few accessories and suede barstools. 

Here is rounded bar area that initially attracted Star.  It touts a unique C-shaped sofa, vintage armchairs and a gorgeous custom-made rug.

The double-height den is dressed with pieces spanning from vintage to custom-made. 

The master suite is surrounded with windows providing that "panoramic view," Star discussed.  The bed is Itailian made and the pop-up tv stand was custom made.  Again, very clean and modern however, warmed up with rich beautiful vintage and custom pieces. 

I have always wanted a fireplace in the bedroom.  I love this quaint sitting area in the master suite. 

Finally, the master suite covered from head to toe with honed marble.  I love the touch of the leather armchair.  Stunning. 

So, what do you think of zip code 90077?


  1. Wow, amazing spaces! Crazy for the dining room especially - the table + chandelier = unexpected magic!

    1. I could pretty much die happy in that room. That mohair makes me insane! I have to cover something in my lifetime with it.

  2. This is stunning! Thanks for sharing! The bedroom with the navy and pink pops of color are my favorite!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Checked out your blog, too, I love it!


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