Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lonny Leverage

Lonny's features continue to maintain high standards.  Whether it be work, restaurant, home or outdoor spaces they are, no doubt, always easy on the eyes with such beautiful interest and thoughtful details.  See below a few of the spaces I find to be lust-worthy. 

 With the painted mirror and repurposed mantel from a Mexican church this bar beckons belly up to me. The overall soothing feeling will quickly remedy any bad day.  

The office of designer/entrepreneur Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti is filled with unique and meaningful pieces.  I love her philosophy of design:  "Have the life of a collector-which isn't the same as going shopping."  

I wish I had room in my office for back-to-back desks.  Although, at this point I don't know who would sit at the other desk--perhaps one of my dogs?

And the Harry Allen piggy bank-I want one!!  This swine belongs in Fort Knox

Eva's shelves are stacked with lovely souvenirs and, I'm sure, great reading material. 

Spectacular living inspiration, Lonny!

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